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What’s your influence?

January 3, 2012


As it is, there are pros and cons to social media. The Pros: Ability to communicate faster and easier Ability to share photos, videos, links, etc. Ability to express yourself Ability to connect with those who have similar interests It’s fun and interactive The Cons: Dangers of cyber-bullying Spread of false information Less face-to-face communication […]

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The future of news

December 20, 2011


I’ve got some bad news for any paper boys and girls out there… According to a study conducted by University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for the Digital Future: “Within five years…only four major daily papers will continue in print form” The four newspapers are: The New York Times The Wall Street Journal USA Today […]

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Yeah, Newt Gingrich, we’ll be busy scrubbing the toilets of your…

December 14, 2011


Let’s talk about Newt Gingrich. Or, as I like to call him….the Pillsbury Doughboy. That’s mean, you say? Well maybe Newt shouldn’t tell “poor kids” to scrub toilets. Because that’s a heck of a lot meaner if you ask me… If you missed it, take a listen: Gingrich ‘Poor Kids To Work As Janitors’ PigMine3 […]

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Recent Iraq War developments deserved more attention

November 17, 2011


Beginning in 2003, coverage of the war in Iraq dominated the news media. One could not open up a newspaper or watch the nightly news without being updated on developments concerning Iraq. Leading up to the war, we were informed of the government’s concerns over possible weapons of mass destruction and terrorist connections in Iraq. […]

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The Ides of March

November 3, 2011


I’m always amazed when people say that they don’t follow politics because it’s boring. That’s actually a laughable statement because anyone who does follow politics knows that it’s a world full of more scandal, drama, and intensity than Desperate Housewives, The OC and One Tree Hill combined. …now, that’s saying something! Nothing reflects this more […]

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Sum up of Last Night’s GOP Debate

October 19, 2011


Yes, I watched it. Because, ya know, it’s important to know what the other side is saying. Oh, and for the entertainment value. “ CNN’s Anderson Cooper is currently moderating the GOP Debate gracie18515 October 18, 2011 My vote for dominator of the GOP Debate? Anderson Cooper. Yup. The moderator. He moderated the crap out […]

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I got a picture with Apolo Ohno!!

October 18, 2011


I had the pleasure on Monday of covering an event at UConn in which U.S. Olympic athletes spoke to students. The following is the article I wrote on it. I believe that Olympic athletes are inspiring role models! Ps. As the blog post title says, I did get a photo with Apolo Ohno…so awesome!! Olympic […]