The Ides of March

Posted on November 3, 2011


I’m always amazed when people say that they don’t follow politics because it’s boring. That’s actually a laughable statement because anyone who does follow politics knows that it’s a world full of more scandal, drama, and intensity than Desperate Housewives, The OC and One Tree Hill combined.

My Desperate Housewives ladies...

…now, that’s saying something!

Nothing reflects this more than the recent movie “The Ides of March”, starring George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Watch the trailer to get a basic idea of the movie is about:

The movie reveals two phenomena that occur in politics and brings to light just how nasty it can get. The first phenomenon is how those involved in politics (at all levels, not just the politicians themselves) watch out for their own butts and do whatever needs to be done to fulfill their agendas. Loyalty and betrayal are strong themes in this movie; the message is that loyalty is largely non-existent in politics. There’s back-stabbing, lying, threatening, and oh so much more.

The second phenomenon is how easily good people become corrupted when they get entrenched in the “politics game”. One can enter into politics with good intentions, but as Paul Giamatti’s character points out, eventually you become bitter…eventually you abandon your morals. Unfortunately, everyone has to play dirty to get a piece of the pie. Lines are certainly crossed.

Watching the movie got me thinking about our own government. We, the public, are aware of much of the scandal and drama that goes on (who else is interested in seeing how this whole Herman Cain sexual harassment business plays out!?!?). But “The Ides of March” makes me realize that there is so much more that goes on behind the curtain. And that’s scary. Even scarier than Housewife Bree Hodge…


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