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What’s your influence?

January 3, 2012


As it is, there are pros and cons to social media. The Pros: Ability to communicate faster and easier Ability to share photos, videos, links, etc. Ability to express yourself Ability to connect with those who have similar interests It’s fun and interactive The Cons: Dangers of cyber-bullying Spread of false information Less face-to-face communication […]

I got a picture with Apolo Ohno!!

October 18, 2011


I had the pleasure on Monday of covering an event at UConn in which U.S. Olympic athletes spoke to students. The following is the article I wrote on it. I believe that Olympic athletes are inspiring role models! Ps. As the blog post title says, I did get a photo with Apolo Ohno…so awesome!! Olympic […]

Oh! The horror…

September 19, 2011


I’ve never seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, however I did see the “Glee” episode in which the Glee club kids performed it themselves. So, I can agree when people describe the musical as raunchy, R-rated, and just a little out there. Here’s a little taste for those of you who are out of the […]

Really!?!? with Grace Malloy

July 28, 2011


Saturday Night Live is a love it or hate it show. Me? I love it. But then there’s people like Kanye West who, um…*WARNING: explicits to follow* “Fuck SNL and the whole cast/Tell ’em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass/More specifically, my asshole/I’m an asshole?/You [offensive word] got jooookes!” Kanye, darling…thanks for clarifying […]

Dear Humankind, So it’s possible you may all die. Love, NASA

July 25, 2011


Guess what NASA wants to do in the next 15 years?? THIS. Awesome, huh? You didn’t click on the link, did you? Click it. CLICK IT! According to the article, it would take half a year to travel to an asteroid. Can you imagine that? Traveling at, what, a bazillion miles an hour? And it […]

Snooki should not be richer than me

July 22, 2011


Italy is home to many a wonderful thing: delicious Italian food, historic sites such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, beautiful countryside, breathtaking peninsulas, and so much more. Come August 4th, we will able be able to watch Italy be home to something else: the cast of Jersey Shore. Well they just […]

Sweet dreams are made of these

July 19, 2011


I found this cool article on Huffington Post about the 10 most common dreams and why we have them. I encourage you to check it out. I’m sure many of the dreams listed are ones you’ve had yourself. Dreams have always interested me. They are one of the few ways to reach your sub-conscience. Try […]