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Really!?!? with Grace Malloy

July 28, 2011


Saturday Night Live is a love it or hate it show. Me? I love it. But then there’s people like Kanye West who, um…*WARNING: explicits to follow* “Fuck SNL and the whole cast/Tell ’em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass/More specifically, my asshole/I’m an asshole?/You [offensive word] got jooookes!” Kanye, darling…thanks for clarifying […]

You can stick your “desired ideological impact” where the sun don’t shine

July 24, 2011


The events of Friday, July 22nd in Norway are being called the deadliest attacks by a lone gunman anywhere in modern times. The reason behind the attacks have recently come to light. Initially, many thought Muslims belonging to Al Qaeda were responsible and that it was in protest of Norway’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan. […]

Tim Pawlenty, George Bush, and Michael Scott: three men with similar heroes

July 21, 2011


In the first episode of “The Office” Michael Scott lists his heroes: “People I respect, heroes of mine, would be Bob Hope… Abraham Lincoln, definitely. Bono. And probably God would be the fourth one. And I just think all those people really helped the world in so many ways that it’s really beyond words. It’s […]

A horror movie that’s bound to haunt you

July 5, 2011


I’ve never been a fan of horror movies. I’m a wimp and they give me nightmares. After I watched Darkness Falls? Couldn’t sleep with the lights off for a good two weeks. After I watched the Sixth Sense? Well, I still keep my eyes open for dead people. After I watched The Blair Witch Project? […]