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Nice girls rarely make history

August 5, 2011


The following is the “ideal” woman: June Cleaver. She’s freaking picture perfect, isn’t she? She cooks. She cleans. She cares for her children. She  cares for her husband. She runs errands. She  does the gardening. She resolves all the family issues in a mere half hour. She’s what every wife, mother, friend, WOMAN should be, […]

No matter how you spin it, it’s still sex for money

August 1, 2011


Tuition. It’s a scary word for every college student. Loans. And there’s an even scarier word. The cost of going to college has become outrageous. As the economy goes down the drain, tuition everywhere is skyrocketing. There are the lucky ones who either have  rich enough parents or who receive enough financial aid/scholarships that covering […]

What Coach Carr left out…

June 28, 2011


Everyone’s got their guilty pleasure show. For some, it’s The Jersey Shore (ain’t Snooki lovable??). For others, it’s The Hills (watching Heidi and Spencer tumble into the depths of insanity from the comfort of my couch was simply wonderful). But for ME, it’s Teen Mom. That’s right, I’ve admitted it. Few things are more enjoyable […]

Everything you need to know about yourself

June 10, 2011


Who doesn’t like to take quizzes that tells us something about ourselves? You answer some questions and then boom, you find out what kind of personality you have, or if your current love is going to last, or what kind of jeans won’t make your butt look too big. Often times we don’t take them […]

Where’s the beach!?!?!

May 31, 2011


I’m looking out the window at work right now and the sun is shining. It’s a GORGEOUS day. Do you know what I wish I were doing? I wish I were at the beach – swimming in the ocean, feeling the cool breeze, and tanning. Emphasis on the tanning. Yes, I, along with almost every […]