Sum up of Last Night’s GOP Debate

Posted on October 19, 2011


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Yes, I watched it. Because, ya know, it’s important to know what the other side is saying. Oh, and for the entertainment value.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is currently moderating the GOP Debate
October 18, 2011

My vote for dominator of the GOP Debate?

Anderson Cooper. Yup. The moderator. He moderated the crap out of that debate. He asked all the right questions. He kept those feisty Republicans in line (for the most part). My hero.

However, following the debate, Herman Cain’s ratings skyrocketed. Hmm…maybe because he blamed unemployment on the…unemployed??

Herman Cain Blames The Unemployed, GOP Debate Audience Cheers (VIDEO)

Herman Cain recently criticized the Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying, ” Don’t blame Wall Street . Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” At Tuesday night’s CNN debate, Cain stood by his comments — to loud cheers from the audience.

And dang, did you see Rick Perry and Mitt Romney go at it? I, personally, thought it would turn into a UFC match between the two. Unfortunately, it did not go that far. But almost…almost…

Rick Perry blasted Mitt Romney tonight at the GOP debate #CNNDebate
October 18, 2011

Poor Michelle Bachman was the butt of several jokes and mean-spirited comments on Twitter.

I wish Anderson Cooper had the balls to ask Michelle Bachmann the question that”s on everyone”s mind. Can you drive stick?
October 19, 2011
RT @DCdebbie: “The cake is baked” says Michelle Bachmann… and so are the brownies! What is she like when the drugs wear off? #TweetthePress #GOPDebate
October 18, 2011
RT @camilleduarte4: Did michelle bachmann really just say “i hope what happens in vegas doesnt stay in vegas?” what has politics come to….
October 19, 2011
Michelle Bachmann, Sarin Palin & Ann Coulter…Pretty Little Liars
October 19, 2011
Michelle Bachmann doesn’t know Libya is in Africa. Republican women scare me with their stupidity.
October 19, 2011
Michelle Bachmann annoys me. #cnndebate
October 19, 2011
Michelle Bachmann should be the president of the Mickey Mouse Club
October 18, 2011

The GOP debate was intense. There were winners. And there were losers. But mostly losers. Everyone is a winner in their hearts!!

GOP debate in Vegas: Winners and losers

Barack Obama: Near the end of the debate, Newt Gingrich stated that “maximizing bickering is probably not the road to the White House.” It’s a good point: The debate was awash in interruptions, accusations and petty point scoring that made all involved look less than presidential.

As much as I enjoyed it, I prefer the Saturday Night Live GOP debate a bit more. But that’s just me.

So people, what are YOUR reactions to last night’s Vegas drama-fest?

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