Look who’s not a daddy’s girl

Posted on October 14, 2011


Photo courtesy of UConn Today

Recently, Meghan McCain (yes, daughter of John McCain) spoke at the University of Connecticut. Quite honestly, I didn’t know about it until after the fact. That’s what I get for not reading emails…

Anyway, when I heard that she visited UConn, I rolled my eyes. She’s probably such a daddy’s girl, I thought to myself. Then I read a blurb about her speech:

“McCain, a self-described ‘progressive republican,’ discussed her experiences in politics; her support for LGBTQ equality – although she identifies herself as heterosexual; and her stand on civility in politics and the media”

Well, I was wrong, huh? I like the term “progressive republican”. It’s quite the oxymoron, but I believe it reflects a growing trend in this country. Ms. McCain’s visit was sponsored by the Rainbow Center at UConn because of her support for LGBTQ equality. And, in fact, an increasing number of Republicans support gay marriage.

Just as there are stereotypes about democrats, there are stereotypes about republicans. Not all are staunch conservatives or gay and women bashers or power-hungry capitalists. Ms. McCain is an example of a republican that breaks out of the assumed, traditional mold. She’s not a daddy’s girl, as I had originally thought. Just further proof of the importance of looking beyond labels…