Is Facebook about to be, like, YOUR next ex?

Posted on September 21, 2011


For what seems like the billionth time, Facebook has made changes to its layout. These changes have been met with an outcry of dismay by a large number of Facebook users.

Mark Tonkelowitz officially announced these most recent changes on Sept. 20 on the Facebook Blog. He summarizes the new features which include: a redesigned newsfeed in which what matters most to you will be featured at the top and a ticker which displays updates instantaneously.

Perhaps Tonkelowitz, an engineering manager at Facebook, and his co-workers thought that users would enjoy these new features. Well, this is apparently not the case.

According to a CNN article written by Doug Gross:

“Many of the anti-change posts Wednesday were coupled with threats to defect to Google+ if things aren’t changed back”

Users have expressed their outrage directly on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube:

Facebook is about to be her next ex-boyfriend, this YouTube user, Suhhhhally, tells viewers.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether those at Facebook will give in to the many angry demands to reverse the changes.

They probably won’t change anything, though. There have been times before when users react negatively to changes, but after some time they just get used to it.

Despite this resistance to change, I think society as a whole actually wants change. Why else would Facebook continually redesign? For one, they probably get bored. But it’s also a reflection of society’s desire to constantly update. We tend to crave the newer and better.

If it weren't for change, we'd still be monkeys right?

Yes, we resist change at first, but once we get a chance to adjust, we find that we actually like it (or we at least accept it). I began this post by addressing Facebook changes, but what I just said can be applied to the “bigger” changes in our life as well.

Why is this? Why are we so opposed to change when ultimately it’s what we want? Maybe even what we need?