Oh! The horror…

Posted on September 19, 2011


I’ve never seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, however I did see the “Glee” episode in which the Glee club kids performed it themselves. So, I can agree when people describe the musical as raunchy, R-rated, and just a little out there.

Here’s a little taste for those of you who are out of the loop:

And click here to see a clip from the “Glee” episode in which they perform Sweet Transvestite.

There’s another word to describe The Rocky Horror Picture Show besides what I listed above…and that’s: CONTROVERSIAL.

"Transvestites are offensive, damn it!"

You rarely see high school drama clubs doing this one. But recently a Georgia mayor, Wayne Garner, canceled a showing of it.

“The play was set to premiere on October 27, until one cast member posted a video from a dance rehearsal on his Facebook, and someone showed it to Mayor Garner. The mayor then cancelled the show,calling it ‘offensive’ and ‘not keeping with the community of Carrollton.’ With this decision Garner initiated Carrollton into the canon of places that have had differences with the notoriously naughty musical, which has been banned in Singapore and South Africa”


High schools not performing it is one thing. I can understand that. But for a mayor to cancel a town performance of it seems a little ridiculous to me.

Yes, it features risque lyrics. Yes, there is a transvestite in stilettos. Yes, it’s sexual. And yes, nuns everywhere would faint over it.

But does that make it “offensive”?

I don’t think so. As long as it is viewed by a mature audience (18 and up) and the actors are adults willing to play the parts, then it is perfectly acceptable to perform it, despite its content.

Why a performance of RHPS would reflect badly on a community is beyond me. The movie version was nominated for 4 awards and won 2 awards. It grossed nearly $140 million. The musical version won 4 awards.

What does this tell us? Um. That it’s a damn good production. And what do people usually prefer when they go to see a musical? Do they think, I want to see a sucky musical filled with boring characters singing boring songs about cliche situations? Nope. They want to see a damn good production! They want to see something like RHPS, filled with crazy characters and energetic songs and wild dancing. So what if that production contains mature material? What is this, Full House? Of course not. We don’t need to sugarcoat everything.

If a Georgia community TRULY can’t handle The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then we’ve got big problems on our hands.


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