“You’re borderline being a little bit rude”

Posted on August 18, 2011


An abrupt walk out.

Usually begins with a fight (often between lovers, but that’s not a necessary condition).

"What do you MEAN the cat died in a freak waching machine accident!?!?"

Then someone gets so utterly frustrated that they waltz out in dramatic fashion. Often a door is slammed. To add emphasis.

The angry, grand exits make a bold statement. Unless you do it for a stupid reason. And then you just look like an idiot. Whoops. Right, Christine O’Donnell?

Yup. Christine O’Donnell made a fool of herself when she walked out of an interview with Piers Morgan, calling him rude. What sparked it, you ask? Well…he asked her about her views on gay marriage. *GASP*


O’Donnell, in her own defense, claims that he would not stop asking her about sex. Gay marriage isn’t about sex, but to be fair,  Morgan did question her about her views on sexual abstinence earlier in the interview. But I wouldn’t call that being rude. Considering a video surfaced last year in which O’Donnell stated that if she could, she would prevent the whole country from having sex.

First of all…

I assume she means the unmarried population, because well…we kinda…need sex…if,ya know…human civilization is going to go on. Even so…I find this woman to be a nut job. To put it lightly.

Preventing all the singles out there from dancing in the sheets (is that an actual term people use? I may have just made it up. I like it) isn’t the answer. Because, to state the obvious here: there’s nothing wrong with having sex. Sex is not the problem. Having unsafe sex IS. But guess what? A little education goes a long way…


Anyway…back to the topic at hand. Morgan asked O’Donnell about her views on gay marriage because a) it’s a controversial topic in the country right now, and b) she’s a politician who has publicized her views on it.

But nooo, that’s not something O’Donnell wanted to talk about. She wanted to talk about the issues she wrote about in her book. Hello, darling. The issue of gay marriage is…IN YOUR BOOK. But still, she refused to address it and repeatedly told Morgan that he was being “rude” for asking her about it.

The handsome Anderson Cooper made a lovely point, I think:

“It’s interesting how politicians these days…feel like they should only be asked about what they want to talk about”

I agree. Politicians are public figures. Therefore, their views on political issues are fair game to discuss in an interview on a news show, right? It’s not  rude or inappropriate to ask them about those views, right? And it certainly doesn’t justify an abrupt walk out, right?

Well, decide for yourself:



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