Contract for the American Dream

Posted on August 9, 2011


It’s perfect, people. I think it’s perfect, anyway. And here I was losing faith in this country. I thought for sure that any day now Planet of the Apes would become reality. That I would wake up to an angry gorilla about to eat me alive. Did you see the coverage of the debt ceiling debate, angry gorilla would ask me. You humans are morons! It’s ape time now! And then he’d rip me to shreds while I scream something about Ke$ha and a blog.

But I think we’re safe. For now. Because the progressive groups and Rebuild the Dream announced a campaign recently to build up support for their new plan, Contract  for the American Dream, which I think is as close to perfect as you can get.

The concept is borrowed from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga).

“The basic premise of the campaign is that America isn’t broke, it’s merely imbalanced. In order to stabilize the economy, politicians should make substantial investments in infrastructure, energy, education and the social safety net, tax the rich, end the wars, and create a wider revenue base through job creation”

It’s pretty much everything I’ve been saying, right? Wait until the apes see this. WE ISN’T MORONS!!

One bullet point of the contract reads:

“Many of our best workers are sitting idle, while the work of rebuilding America goes undone. Together, we must rebuild our country, reinvest in our people and jump-start the industries of the future. Millions of jobless Americans would love the opportunity to become working, tax-paying members of their communities again. We have a jobs crisis, not a deficit crisis”

Rebuilding infrastructure is a great way to create jobs and put the unemployed to work. Our infrastructure is deteriorating as it is and this would allow a large number of the unemployed to become contributing members of society. In addition, money would be spent on social safety net programs to give those that need it a boost to even get a job  (to have a job you first need money for a place to live and a car or other means of transportation).

As these newly-working people begin to see a steady flow of income, they will no longer be reliant on social welfare programs. That will then allow the government to put money normally allocated toward the poor to other things such as energy and education.

This plan also pushes to end the wars in the Middle East, which I think just about anyone would agree with now. And it also pushes for the rich to be taxed. I don’t think this means increasing taxes. Pretty sure they just want the rich to actually pay their taxes instead of finding loopholes to cheat the system (isn’t it funny how the rich get all up in a tizzy about the poor supposedly cheating the system when they’re the ones not paying taxes like they should?).

No google, not that kind of progressive...

Anyway, there’s one word in all of this that’s bound to cause controversy: progressive. Conservatives hate that word. In their eyes, progressive = idealistic, socialist, equal.

We all know how evil equality is…

This plan does push for greater equality. But it’s not idealistic. And it’s not socialist.

Many people pin the word “idealistic” onto something that they simply don’t want to try. It could never happen, they shout. Well it could if we worked together. That’s something that the U.S. isn’t great at, but hey, it’s not impossible (if it is, let’s let the apes out of their cages now).

It’s not socialist, either. “If that’s socialist, then the New Deal, one of the greatest economic campaigns in the history of the US, was socialist” ← fine words by my amazingly smart boyfriend.

All this being said, many conservatives are still going to PISS  AND SHIT on this plan. Really, all because of that one little word: progressive.

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