Snooki should not be richer than me

Posted on July 22, 2011


Italy is home to many a wonderful thing: delicious Italian food, historic sites such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, beautiful countryside, breathtaking peninsulas, and so much more.

Come August 4th, we will able be able to watch Italy be home to something else: the cast of Jersey Shore.

Well they just blend right into the scenery, don’t they?


The trailer for next season of the Jersey Shore was recently released. Watch it here if:

1) You need a reason to feel good about yourself

2) You’ve forgotten why the world is quite likely doomed

Anyway, CNN’s AC360 (Anderson Cooper’s show) featured a “Ridiculist Classic” the other night. It was a compilation of all Ridiculists that included dear old Snooki. Coop’s on his top game here…just a ball of wit, that one:

…lordy. Let me get this straight…Snooki – a girl who described her one night in jail after being arrested for public intoxication as a “phenomenon” – is getting paid $100,ooo an episode…to party, get wasted, hook up with “gorilla juiceheads”, tan and share her every dim-witted thought induced by inhaling way too much hairspray.

$100,000 per episode times 4 seasons plus the $32,000 that Rutgers paid her to speak equals a ton of money. Something tells me that math isn’t Snooki’s strong suit, but I’m sure even she has figured that one out. I swear, if I EVER see that much money in my lifetime I will kiss the ground. Nay. I will make out with the ground.

Now, I will admit, it is fun to watch the train wreck that is the life of every member of the Jersey Shore cast. BUT it’s pathetic that they get paid SO much, that Snooki has two books out, that they are playing house in ITALY, and that they’ve become famous.

I know I’m not saying anything earth-shattering. I’m sure many of you think these things exactly. But sometimes it’s good to remind everyone of how ridiculous our society has become – that complete idiots are payed hundreds of thousands of dollars to act stupid in front of a camera…that so many people take the time to watch these people that a 5th season has already been confirmed.

I do find the show entertaining, but I swear I wouldn’t watch another second if it meant Snooki wouldn’t be richer than me.

Finally, just wondering…is Snooki REALLY as dumb as she appears, or has she caught on to the fact that her stupidity is putting cash in her wallet and therefore she puts on an act?

Personally, I think she’s really that dumb.

P.S. Liked the Ridiculist Classic above? Here’s last nights on the marriage between the 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and the 16-year-old Courtney Stodden. Who thinks Courtney and Snooki would make great friends??





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