I know you’re hungry, America…but can you chew all that?

Posted on July 18, 2011


Not only is this a fantastic movie, but I see similarities between it and our "War on Terror"

The United States has taken on the difficult task of “fighting terrorism”. And when I say difficult, I mean nearly impossible. And when I say nearly impossible, I mean completely and utterly impossible. And when I say completely and utterly impossible, I mean a task so far from possible that anyone who believes that the U.S. government alone can destroy a phenomenon that has existed for centuries is living in a world where pigs can fly and cats and mice get along and Jonathan Papelbon is hopelessly in love with me.

In case you haven’t caught my drift, I think the U.S. government is biting off a little more than it can chew. Terrorism has been around for a LONG time – much longer than people realize. The first acts of terrorism were carried out by a group of Zealots of Judea beginning in the 1st century AD. They “carried on an underground campaign of assassination of Roman occupation forces, as well as any Jews they felt had collaborated with the Romans. Their motive was an uncompromising belief that they could not remain faithful to the dictates of Judaism while living as Roman subjects”.

However, it wasn’t until September 11th, 2001 when we were attacked by a terrorist group on American soil that our government decided it was our mission to begin a “war on terror”. Well boys and girls of the US government, you’re too little too late. Our main focus has been the Taliban and al Qaeda, but both have been around for some time (and al Qaeda even received help from none other than the United States!…*GASP*). Al Qaeda first organized in the 1980’s when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Bin Laden created a financial support network called the “Golden Chain” which was largely supported by…the United States. This allowed al Qaeda to gain strength. And now here we are, decades later, trying to destroy the group that we helped build. Go us.

The United States was successful in killing Osama bin Laden, which has certainly destabilized al Qaeda (for the time being). But is it really feasible to destroy al Qaeda completely? Well, we are trying, and currently in Yemen.

“The strike targeted a police station that had been taken over by suspected al Qaeda fighters, the sources said. U.S. drones had been seen flying over the area in recent days, and more attacks were expected”

We’re seriously just making the Middle East our playground, aren’t we? I just don’t see this as a smart move…

…we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to sacrifice more money and lives in order to take out al Qaeda? And let’s say that hypothetically we DO eliminate al Qaeda from the globe (which I never see happening, but for the sake of this argument…), are we willing to keep up the fight against terrorism and target other groups? As I mentioned above, terrorism has been around for centuries upon centuries. I don’t think the U.S. can “fight” that. In my opinion, we are wasting our time. Let’s increase national security to prevent future attacks, but we should focus our attention on issues besides the war on terror. We alone cannot fight it.

Some argue, though, that it is our duty to fight the war on terror since we are the strongest nation in the world. It is our duty to protect weaker countries from shared enemies. Or some argue that the war on terror IS possible to win as long as we get help from other strong countries.

What do you think?

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