Voldemort actually exists

Posted on July 12, 2011


Now, if you read yesterday’s post (did I say if? Of course you read yesterday’s post!), then you may be feeling a bit shocked, a bit scared, a bit angry, a bit more shocked. Why? Because our media is corrupt!! It’s garbage!! It’s…IT’S…

This is the American media, friends

As this is particularly distressing (seriously, it should be…), you may be renewing your passport this very minute, and declaring that you are  going to leave this godforsaken land and go to another country where the media doesn’t resemble a pile of doo-doo (with heat lines coming off of it and everything).

You mull it over in your head. Hum dee dum, what country seems to have it right? What country is not currently torn by rebellions, war, an oppressive leader, etc?

Britain, you think! It’s the perfect place to escape the horrors of our country. It has so much good to offer…

Harry Potter

The Royal Family



Yeah…Harry Potter, Soccer, and the Royal Family. All wonderful things 🙂

But HOLD ON just a moment. I wouldn’t pack those bags too quickly. Cause you’ll only be heading into another lion’s den. Yes, their lions sip English breakfast tea. But don’t be fooled – that tea is spiked with ruthless greed. And the same venom that Simon Cowell puts in his morning coffee.

Take a look at this clip from the Daily Show, where Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver debate over American vs. British media. If any of the following interest you, I’d click this link.

  1. Casey Anthony
  2. Mary Poppins
  3. Hugh Grant
  4. Humor

So, moral of the story? The world of Harry Potter is very real in Britain. The following are one in the same:

Rupert Murdoch


A striking resemblance. Murdoch’s/Voldie’s army of death eaters (journalists with no conscience) are casting evil spells (doing extremely illegal things) in order to gain power (increase readership to make more money). There is a Harry Potter in this story (you will be surprised who it is). There are horcruxes (News of the World is one of them).  And so much more.


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