Now, now, no need to be throwing punches

Posted on July 10, 2011


In the past few weeks, there has been quite a bit of debate on this blog. It’s gotten harsh at times. It’s gotten downright catty.

"I'll fight youuuu!!!"

But that’s just politics right? I mean, that kind of stuff happens among suit-clad men EVERYWHERE!!

"Gays deserve rights, you bastard!!"

See the resemblance between the cats and the men? Yes you do. Except the cats are much more badass. And cuter.

Anyway, my point is that this is what politics has become: a continuous battle full of bickering, hateful language, and yes, even punching. Why? Well in my opinion it’s because everyone is so dead-set on aligning with a specific side and not wavering a bit. And as a result, those on opposite “sides” duke it out until someone is knocked out. We identify as “Democrat” or “Republican” or “liberal” or “conservative” and we tend to form opinions on issues based on whatever we label ourselves. But perhaps it would be better to approach an issue with an open mind, research all sides of an issue and form an opinion, regardless of whether it is the “liberal” view or “conservative” view or what have you. We will probably find that we aren’t simply one or the other across the board. Here, let Chris Rock explain:

So, you see? I think if we were all refrained from labeling ourselves as “liberal” or “conservative” then there would be several benefits:

  1. We wouldn’t make assumptions about others. If someone defines themselves as “conservative” then we assume that they believe this about abortion and that about gay marriage and this about immigration and that about the war on terror. But we often make these assumptions without even asking them. And that can lead to one of those all-out brawls.
  2. We’ll approach an issue with an open mind. Often times people take the view that aligns with their usual position without FIRST looking into it. But we can’t do that. We need to look at all sides of an issue without any prior assumptions and develop a view based on unbiased information. And we shouldn’t be afraid if it aligns with a side we don’t normally take.
  3. We’ll get along better with others. It won’t always be “Democrats” vs. “Republicans” or “liberals” vs. “conservatives” on every single issue. Two people will agree on some things and disagree on other things. They won’t constantly be pitted against each other as is the case when two people hold opposite labels. And that will lead to a friendlier atmosphere.
  4. And because people will get along better, compromise will be more easily reachable. The debate won’t always be: who’s gonna win, Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives? It will be instead: these are the various positions on this particular issue, let’s find a solution.

Right now, government is too much of a sport – one team fighting the other. Politics needs to be more civilized or we won’t get anywhere. And my lord, we desperately need to get SOMEWHERE. So let’s stop using the fists, and start using the brains.

To conclude, here is another Chris Rock bit. We ALL share a love of comedy, right? Democrats love it. Republicans love it. Liberals love it. Conservatives love it. So maybe this will bring us closer together. Here ya go, peeps…Chris Rock on married couples: