It makes an ass out of you and me. But this time, just you.

Posted on July 7, 2011


"heeee hawww"

Making assumptions can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when you make them about me. You see, I don’t like that. Not one bit. I’ve demanded respect in a post before. And I’m going to do it again.

It is a frequent commenter who has consistently made nasty, false assumptions about me and my “college buddies”:

“Their ‘LOVE’ is for gays, illegals, and anything else nasty they can dream up.

Why, you might wonder? Because they need to rebel. They have no purpose in life. They are vacant. They don’t work. They live off their parents. Grace’s dad bugged out on her as a little girl and so she suffers from deep insecurity. They are, in essence, looking for attention and validation. They wish to ‘LEAD’ when they can not even do their homework.

‘Coolness’ is all they care about. God isn’t cool. Jesus isn’t cool. Old Time values- the ‘old verities’ of William Faulkner aren’t cool. Morality is not cool. Gotta be on the ‘EDGE’, you know?

Otherwise, their miserable little lives might sink into the grey ooz of nothingness. With just them there”



And then this commenter gets upset that I don’t respond to her, and calls me a “coward”. Would YOU respond to someone who says things like that? Someone who tries to discredit everything you have to say by making overarching generalizations and assumptions in order to paint you as an immature child?

I think HER behavior is cowardly. How easy it is to characterize us as blithering, stuck up idiots in order to maintain the upper hand. But the danger in doing that – in making assumptions about someone you’ve never met and know very little about – is that they can see right through it. Because assumptions are never based on fact. And no matter how much you think you have the upper hand, you don’t.

In this situation, the upper hand is mine. Because I know how to discredit someone using cold, hard facts.

  • She says in one of her posts that we are a nation “intent on equality” and that we are “a nation with the greatest record of human liberty that the world has ever seen”. If that is true, then why is it that in 2001 a Black male had a 32.2% chance of going to prison in his lifetime while a White male only had a 5.9% chance? I’d say that is a reflection of stark inequality. She says in the same post that we are “a nation that has self disciplined the wrongs of the past through peaceful protest- with the enactment of Civil Rights legislation & Women’s Rights legislation” yet just a line later says “we have bent too far in the opposite direction, actually creating a privileged, rabid minority bent on destruction”. She is claiming that we are an equal country as a result of peaceful protest, yet minorities are bent on destruction. Hmmm…
  • She says in that same post: “Embedded in our national psyche is the Golden Rule first brought to earth by Jesus:  ‘Do unto others what you would have them do to you.’  Americans shy from judgement- once again, a value learned from our humble Lord who washed the feet of his disciples.  In essence, Americans mind their own business and leave each of us to commune with our own conscience and our own God.  We don’t like to interfere”. Oh, really? According to her, gays should not have the right to marry or raise children. That sounds a lot like interfering to me. The US has had troops in Afghanistan since 2001 and what exactly have we done to make things SO much better? Sounds like interfering to me. She even says later in her post “No one wants our country to police the other countries in the world and no one wants American money to be spent taking care of citizens of other countries- regardless of their dire circumstances”. Sounds like a contradiction to me.
  • She says that “God & Jesus loving students are having their rights to speak their religious views squelched”. Well according to the Bible (which she strongly believes in), non-believers should be put to death: They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.  (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB). Luckily, I am a believer (in God…not in everything the Bible says, though). But all you non-believers? Watch your butts.
  • I have seen many rants in her posts about how Obama has defied our Constitution, especially in this one. Yet Bush passed the Patriot Act which defied SEVERAL aspects of the Constitution (it’s all outlined here). I have yet to see a comment by her about that little violation of rights. She may argue that the Patriot Act was legitimized by our goal in the war against Afghanistan (which was to fight terrorism). She says in another post that “When Bush attacked, the mission was #1) Punish those who perpetrated 9/11 and 2) to destroy, forever Al Qaeda.  Especially their training camps.  # 1 is done.” Ironically, as much as she is against Obama, HE was the one who accomplished #1. NOT Bush. Does she give credit to Obama for that? Nope. She only points out his flaws.
  • In one post she included videos of liberals to show the “typical conversation styles of liberals”. She says: “Sniping, carping, aggression, sarcasm, violence, threats of bodily harm, hate filled eyes, name calling and shouting are only the beginning of their evil”. However, she herself referred to another commenter as “Mr. Cowardly” and wrote in a comment ” I am here, on this blog, because you are all a bunch of spoiled brats” (name calling). In another post she says “But someday, someday, Jesus our Lord will come and He will rule from Jeruselem- a wise King, finally.  And the rotten apples will be gone” (aggression…violence?). She says to another commenter “not to get into your business- but mocking God is never a good idea. I would think twice if I were you” (threat). Once again, her overarching generalizations mean NOTHING.
  • She says in one of her comments to me: “Further, I don’t know ANYONE who is truly poor. Americans are not poor. We don’t have hunger in this country. In fact, the lower earners in America are the fattest”. First of all, that is just ridiculous. According to the non-profit organization “Feeding America“, for 1 in 6 Americans, hunger is a reality. So, when she says there is no hunger in this country, she is just plain wrong. Perhaps why some low earners are overweight is because all they can afford is Big Macs. The healthier the food, the more expensive it is.
  • She says in another comment: “You are spoiled kids living off your parents. I sure hope you will actually pay them back for the money they are no doubt shelling out to help you out. You sound like a bunch of college kids. I’ll bet they’re sweating their asses off, working long hours, delaying their retirements so that you brats can get an education”….then later says that WE have “bad manners”. Oh, really? And you’re just little miss respect over there?
  • She says in another comment: “Why do these groups deserve MORE rights? Are they handicapped somehow? You are ARROGANT to the nth degree. Because you are white and an American citizen, then YOU can make it ok. But these poor, poor little black people are so dumb, so incapably, so weak that they need a little extra help. Because only WHITE people can handle life in America. Cause we are just… well…. BETTER”….nobody said white people are better. But white people did discriminate against black people for centuries. Remember the time of slavery?? When white people owned black people and considered them to be less than human?? I quoted her above when she said the wrongs of the past were eradicated through civil rights legislation. So she admits there were wrongs in the past. Well is legislation no longer needed? Remember my stat about the probability of a black man vs. a white man going to prison? I think we need more legislation to even the playing field. But I guess she doesn’t.
  • She goes on and on about how gay couples should not be allowed to raise children. She says: “How can a same sex couple- on their own- teach a heterosexual baby to be in a heterosexual relationship? How can a gay male couple teach a girl child about her period, what it means & how to navigate the various mood swings, etc that come with it? How will this same couple teach that girl, on their own, what it is like to have a baby? How it feels? What to expect? How will a same sex woman couple explain to their girl child, the joy of sex with a man? How it feels. How to navigate the sometimes scary aspect of actual penetration?” But she doesn’t once provide evidence for this, while commenters have provided her with plenty of evidence for why gay couples CAN raise children just fine.

I could go on and on and on and on. Make all the assumptions about me that you want. You will NEVER be able to support it with fact. I’ve got facts though, and plenty of them. I told you I’d rip you to shreds, Short Little Rebel. I told you. Perhaps now, you’ll finally take me more seriously. Even if I am a “little girl”, as you like to call me.

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