Proudly we hail…kind of?

Posted on July 3, 2011


Tomorrow is 4th of July…Happy Independence Day everyone! It is a time to be patriotic, celebrate America, watch fireworks, and  eat tons of good food. I think most people in America take pride in our country. While it has its flaws (and we all know I consistently point out many), at the same time there are wonderful things about the USA. One of the best freedoms we have is freedom of speech and freedom of the media. Many other countries restrict the information disseminated to the public, and they place controls on the media so that nobody can speak out against the government. But in our country, everyone can speak up about their views without fearing punishment (a harsh response, maybe….but no jail time).

We are also a powerful country. And we are capable of using that power in a beneficial way. But I think in the past decade or so, the US has not been using its power appropriately or smartly. And as a result, we are losing power on the global stage. I mentioned this in another post, but I’d like to expand on it: I saw an interview on CNN with a senator who said that this country needs to shift it’s focus from international affairs (like the wars in the Middle East) to our own population. He argues that we can fight terrorism and try to reshape the Middle East all we want, but if we don’t address the needs of the people within our country, we will no longer be a superpower. Unfortunately, as much as I tried, I could not find this interview online, so I can’t show it to you.

However, I did find an interview with a military analyst discussing how polls reveal that there is a growing anti-war sentiment in America. This poll shows that the majority of Americans would prefer less troop presence in other countries. Here’s the interview:

The analyst makes the point that, just as with the Vietnam War, Americans don’t like fighting in “ambiguous wars”. He also says that pro-war men like John McCain don’t actually care about the troops. Also included in this clip is an interview with Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who believes that we should remove all troops from around the world. He says that his support comes largely from young people who are tired of bearing the burden of these wars (through taxes, etc.).

We have much to celebrate about our country this 4th of July. But you can’t deny that we have a LOT to improve about our country. I think our increasing focus on wars overseas is hurting this country quite a bit – costing us economically, and dividing us as a people. Not to mention all the lives lost, everywhere.

I think this country has great potential to be a superpower that protects ALL of its people (instead of putting the needs of its people on the back-burner while focusing on ambiguous wars). I’d like to see it move more rapidly in that direction.

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