Grabbing the bull by the horns

Posted on June 27, 2011


Can I say something?

Well of course I can, this is MY blog after all. I can say what I want.

And I’ve got something to say today that I would like to make perfectly clear to anyone reading this.

Putting out your views in a blog for all to see takes guts. It’s not easy to say, here is how I feel about this controversial issue and I stand by my beliefs. But I do it because it’s something I care about. I think it’s very important to follow news and current events and express your opinion on it, no matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in or what the criticism over those opinions may be. I feel that part of making the most out of life is being confident in what you have to say.

And I am indeed confident in what I have to say. I don’t pull my words out of Barney’s purple ass. I’ve looked into these issues and viewed both sides of these issues and formulated my own educated opinions on them. And I have EVERY right to state my own opinions in my own blog which I put a lot of time and effort into.

But, there have been some readers who have had a problem with what I’m doing. The following are just a few of the mean-spirited comments I’ve received (in response to “Sly as a Fox News“, “Now you’re really getting me riled up“, and “How sweet it is to love“):

“Wow, thank GAWWD we have 22 year old journalism student to inform the rest of us idiots on life”

“Your naive “school girl” view on life is laughable”

“Enjoy the college pubs and go get laid”

“Your BIO describes a very naive person that is young with little real life experience”

“If you are going to be a journalist, you need to have “thicker” skin… especially if you have a blog. But seriously, if you are over 18 you are an adult; but your views lack any perspective or “real life” experience. I am doing you a favor because I am apparently telling you things that nobody has; and you haven’t figure out for yourself. I am not the one with the issues just a different perspective than you (based on real life not MTV)”

“Liberals are mean, are very defensive, think they are smarter than everybody else and are the 1st to attack and demean people with traditional views”

“‘young people’ like you want to live a life without consequence or accountability. Unfortunately life isn’t that way and blaming Fox news isn’t going to change that. Here is my advice…give up the “journalism” you will never make it…”

“You showed a great amount of “intolerance” towards someone with a different opinion than your own. If someone interpretation of marriage is different than your own, you should accepted it”

“Just look at your responses to those you disagree with…. you are total intolerant…shame on you!!!”

“Most liberals I know are very nasty, mean and intolerant… and have a chip on their shoulder like you”

“Take some of your own advice and understand that people have different views”

“You should watch what you say, public or private”

“As for the rest of this meaningless and pointless drivel…”

“Do the rest of us a favor and keep your stupid, ignorant, adolescent thoughts to yourself”

“Most “writers” can handle criticism and or opposing views. Sorry you can’t”

Yikes. Reading through that, was any of that constructive or substantive? Many comments were generalizations about liberals. Just because I have several liberal views, does not mean you can lump me in the category of “all liberals”. Respond to the things I say, don’t judge me based on what you’d characterize as “liberal”.

Many of these comments describe me as naive with little life experience, and because of that, what I say has no merit. That’s just simply wrong. How do you know what life experience I’ve had? You have no idea the things I’ve experienced in my life. And that’s besides the point anyway. My experience doesn’t determine the merit of what I say, because what I say is the result of researching and formulating opinions based on that research. Yet, readers have described what I say as “meaningless, pointless drivel”, and as “stupid, ignorant, and adolescent”. Please, stop belittling me. I’m a smart person and I know what I’m talking about. You don’t have to agree with anything that I say, but don’t dismiss it as worthless garbage. Because it’s not. It’s just not.

Finally, readers say that I am “intolerant” of other views that are different from my own. That is DEFINITELY not the case. Do I disagree with much of what is said in the comments I receive? Absolutely! I strongly disagree in fact. But that doesn’t translate into intolerance. I allow for comments (I could just remove commenting altogether, but I don’t). I don’t delete ANY comments. And I don’t ignore any comments; I respond to all of them. Intolerance of other views is ignoring them, disengaging yourself from them. But I assure you, as someone who wants to go into journalism, I certainly don’t block out other views.

Also, getting upset and angry over what the “girl in the dining hall” said and saying that she is narrow-minded and cruel for her belief is NOT being intolerant of her (trust me, I TOLERATED her for a while). I both disagreed with and was offended by what she said that night. And my response, while certainly strongly worded, was not a personal attack, but a response to her views on gay marriage. I didn’t say “she is a cruel person” with no explanation whatsoever, I said “she is narrow-minded and cruel for thinking that” and explained WHY I think so.

Finally, readers think I won’t make it as a journalist. Interesting. Something tells me I’ll be just fine. A goal of many journalists is to foster discussion. Think I’ve done that, readers????

ANYONE can comment on this blog, so I have to expect that people will write non-constructive, immature responses. But I wish commenters would just respect what I have to say and write something constructive back so we can have a mature conversation. But often, that is too much to ask.

You can think I’m just a callous bitch if you’d like. I can’t change that. I’ve said what I wanted to say, so I feel content.

And if you want to continue to be nasty to me, then so be. Actually, it is making my blog views SKYROCKET.

After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity…