Now you’re really getting me riled up

Posted on June 25, 2011


A certain commenter on this blog stated that “abortion is killing a living soul not tissue”. I would like to address the topic of abortion. I whole-heartedly support the right of a woman to get an abortion. In fact, I’d have to say that the issue of abortion is one that I feel most strongly about.

While I don’t agree with the pro-life stance, I understand the reasoning. A fetus is a living thing, and therefore, abortion is murder. Because murder is wrong, abortion is wrong. It is a sin, in fact. So, did I cover all the bases? Okay.

Now’s my cue to use my “liberal education” to tell it like it is, to point out the glaring hypocrisy in that argument, and to essentially OWN SHIT. I’ve got something to say, people, and HERE IT IS:

As always, I hate to generalize, but being pro-life is largely a republican position. Also a largely republican position is support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think it’s so IRONIC, that you would fervently oppose abortion because it is murder, yet you’re gung-ho about wars that are arguably pointless. You don’t seem to care as much about the thousands upon THOUSANDS of American, Afghan, and Iraqi lives being lost overseas, yet “HOW DARE YOU HAVE AN ABORTION, YOU SLUT, YOU’RE MURDERING AN INNOCENT FETUS!!!!”

So there’s the glaring hypocrisy. If you don’t support abortion, then okay. But then you should also be against the war, and you should probably be vegetarian, too. Because, guess what? The fried chicken you’re eating? It once was a living organism. YOU MURDERER!

A misconception held by pro-lifers is that women are running around getting abortions just for the heck of it. The following is NOT the typical scenario surrounding an abortion: Hmm, what shall I do today? Go to the movies? Nah, there’s nothing good in the theaters. Go for a nice jog? Nah, the weather is crappy today. Hmm, I do have a fetus in me. I’m not really in the mood to have a fetus in me. Hey, maybe I’ll get an abortion today. Yeah, that sounds fun!! Should I tell George?? Nah, screw him! Now, where are the car keys???

Let’s get something stick straight: I assure you that a woman wouldn’t get an abortion unless she was in an utterly hopeless situation. Perhaps a situation such as she already has two kids who she can barely feed, never mind herself. She’s behind on rent. She was recently fired from one of her three jobs because she was late (but only because she had to pick up her kids from daycare…and by the way, the day care is threatening to refuse to let her kids come anymore because she can barely pay for it). She had sex with her boyfriend but the condom broke, and now she’s pregnant. She knows that she can’t support another child. She knows that ultimately it would probably die from starvation. So she feels the need to get an abortion.

Do you think the woman in that scenario WANTS to get an abortion? Absolutely not. I am not a mother, but I know for a fact that a mother’s love begins the moment she finds out she is pregnant. Getting an abortion for that woman would be traumatizing. Even after the abortion, she would love that child she never had, because that is simply the way a mother’s love works. I know this because I have recently witnessed a mother’s love transcend death. And it is one of the purest loves I have ever seen. So, the fact that any woman would choose to get an abortion means that she is completely hopeless and desperate and feels like there is NO other way.

It is cruel to assume that that woman is evil and a sinner because she chose to get an abortion. She is neither evil or a sinner – just a human trying to survive in a heartless world. And it is cruel to deny her the right to an abortion because “the Bible says it’s wrong”. Yes, the Bible and religion is a guiding force for many people who only get through life because of their faith. But in the end, the “Bible” doesn’t know the life of that woman – what she’s been through, the suffering she has endured, and the strength she requires just to get out of bed each day.

It’s okay to think abortion is wrong. It’s okay to elect to never get one, no matter what. But don’t deny that right to somebody else. Because you’ve never walked in their shoes, and you don’t truly know what life is like for them.