Let’s go with something less controversial, shall we?

Posted on June 23, 2011


I was going to do a post today on Obama’s speech from last night. The one in which he told the nation he planned on withdrawing 33,000 troops from Afghanistan within a year from now. And then he’d slowly withdraw the rest of the troops. My opinion on this would have been, thumbs up Pres. Obama. We need to finally bring those troops home and end this war.

And I was going to discuss an interview that I saw on CNN yesterday with a senator who argued that we need to work more on issues at home instead of focusing on wars overseas. He said that in order to remain a superpower, we need to direct more attention to the needs of our own people. I was going to give that a thumbs up too.

But I decided not to do today’s post on that. Because I fear that somebody (aka a crazy conservative with no manners) would call me a “naive school girl” who lives in a “liberal bubble” because I actually care about the life of a healthy 25 year old soldier who has a wife and kids back home. Said person may tell me to just wait until I get a job, have kids, and have a mortgage to pay and then my attitude on war will change. THEN I’ll realize that that young man’s life is expendable because our national security is severely at stake and OMG WE NEED TO HUNT DOWN AND KILL EVERY MOTHERFUCKING, EVIL TERRORIST OUT THERE!! AND BY TERRORIST I MEAN THE INNOCENT CIVILIANS OF AFGHANISTAN WHO HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11 AND WHO ONLY HATE US BECAUSE WE EXPLOIT THEM IN ORDER TO GET MORE OIL FOR OUR GAS-GUZZLING SUV’S!!!!!!


Instead of doing that post, I will do something a littler more lighthearted. Often times we are so busy figuring out the complex things in life that we forget how to do the most basic things. Lucky for us, cracked.com (yes, yes…I’m obsessed with that site) can help us out. Here are a few of my favorite “Basic Instructions” comics (click on picture to see full-size). Enjoy!

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