Sly as a Fox News…

Posted on June 22, 2011


You know how there’s always that one person who gives a whole group of people a bad name? Take blonds for example. There’s always that one ditzy blond girl who doesn’t know her left hand from her right, whose personal hero is Jessica Simpson, and who thinks Stonewall Jackson is that actor from “Snakes on a Plane”.  But this girl is in no way a representation of the entire blond population.

Now people, Fox News is that dumb blond girl who starved to death that time she got locked in the supermarket. But to be clear, not all journalists starve when they get locked in a place packed with food. In other words, Fox News is not real journalism. But it gives a bad name to the entire profession.

Recently, Jon Stewart from The Daily Show did an interview with Fox News. As anyone who knows anything about Jon Stewart would expect, he did a lot of bashing of the station. Thank god, because someone has to tell them to their faces what ignorant idiots they are (actually, he literally says “you’re insane!”). Anyway, here’s part 1 of the interview (and the version that Fox DIDN’T EDIT):

Please take a look at it. At least some of it. I can see in my site stats how many people actually click on it to watch it. And I won’t be happy if only a few people watch it. A huge frustration for journalists is a lazy public who aren’t engaged in following the news.

It’s a heated (and pretty funny!) interview that brings up the issue of media bias and its prevalence in Fox News and other media outlets. You may think that if you aren’t in journalism then this topic isn’t relevant to you. But it most certainly is.

More than you know, the way you view our country and the world, who you vote for, where you stand on various issues like taxes and abortion and gay marriage and foreign policy are dictated by the media. And if bias in the media really is prevalent, then there’s a problem. Because we deserve honest, transparent news. And if we aren’t getting that, then our views and opinions are skewed in ways that they might not be were we getting truthful information.

My very first column for the Daily Campus was about this subject. Read it here.

Fox News certainly doesn’t deliver honest, transparent news. Take a look at this clip from the documentary “Outfoxed”. Bill O’Reilly interviews the son of a 9/11 victim and is horribly rude to him. Then, later on, O’Reilly talks about the interview and completely distorts what the son said. It’s NUTS:

It’s actually pretty scary to think that we may be watching news that is that skewed, if not blatantly false. So what do you think about media bias?

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