Ohmigod! I’m, like, your BIGGEST fan!

Posted on June 15, 2011


Many of us daydream about meeting our favorite celebrities. We wonder what we’d say to them and what they’d say back. We wonder if we’d play it cool or jump up and down before dramatically passing out. Would we shower him/her with compliments or just make casual conversation (“so…do you like being insanely rich?”…”it has its perks”…”yeah I figured”)?

Fortunately for us, cracked.com gives us exact instructions for how to act when you meet a celebrity (click on the picture to see it enlarged):

So now we can all breathe, and be confident about the fact that we now know how to act if we happen to run into our favorite celebrity at Big Y or something.

I do think many people’s obsessions with celebrities is pretty ridiculous. We put many of them on a pedestal who certainly don’t deserve to be there. Or we critique what they wear, their weight, their relationships, their friendships, their party habits, etc. as if they are supposed to be perfect in every way imaginable, when really we should just be critiquing whatever they are famous for (singing/acting/sports).

You probably think I’m a hypocrite right now, cause um hello, this entire blog is named after Ke$ha. But to be clear, I like Ke$ha cause she’s different than other stars – she’s confident and honest and independent and has a laid-back attitude. And I think it would be good for everyone to have those qualities. But I certainly don’t worship her like some people worship celebrities. She’s just a pop star who seems like a cool chick.

That being said, there are certainly respectable celebrities that I would LOVE to have a conversation with. Here are my top 5:

  1. David Ortiz (Red Sox Designated Hitter…for those who don’t know)
  2. Jonathan Papelbon (extremely attractive Red Sox Pitcher…again for those who don’t know)
  3. Johnny Depp
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio
  5. Lady Gaga

Why did I choose these people? David Ortiz embodies everything that I think a sports player should be. Jonathan Papelbon, in addition to being a great closer, is an extremely fun-loving guy. Why not hang out with someone who celebrates a World Series win like this:

"Who's ready to partayyy!?!?!?"

"Here trophy, you can get drunk too"










Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are both successful, talented actors that have proven themselves to be versatile in the roles they play. I think that is a sign of a genuinely good actor. As for Lady Gaga, can you think of anyone who is like her? Wouldn’t you want to have a conversation with someone who has worn a meat dress? Ps. if you never read it, take a look at the post I wrote about her: The woman underneath the meat dress

So now, you tell me, who are the top 5 celebrities you’d like to meet?

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