Rebounds…and not the basketball kind

Posted on June 14, 2011



You’re in a great relationship. I mean, truly, things are going just peachy. You don’t think you could be happier. You go out on hot dates. You talk about your feelings. You both share a love for moose tracks ice cream. It’s basically a match made in heaven.

And then one day, your cutie sits you down and says those 5 awful words that no person in love wants to hear: “I’m saving myself for marriage”…

…Just kidding: “We should just be friends”.

And then your whole world comes crashing down around you, probably in slow motion, with some dramatic music in the background. The sun stops shining, flowers stop smelling nice, and there’s no way you can eat a bite of moose tracks ice cream EVER AGAIN.

It’s heartbreak. And we’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. So how do we heal from it? Ultimately, time is the best medicine, but here are some other tips, courtesy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

But now for the sticky topic: rebounds. Are they good or bad? Are they a healthy distraction or just a superficial way of masking the pain? What do you think?

As I see it, a rebound isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you get into one of these situations:

  1. You become obsessively clingy with your new fling. So clingy that he/she ends things. Now you’ve suffered two heart-wrenching breakups in a short period of time. In a moment of hopelessness, you throw yourself off a cliff.
  2. You and your new fling agree to keep things casual. And things are going great…until your boyfriend/girlfriend professes their deep and undying love to you. But you can’t exactly say that you were only in it for the sex. So in order to escape this awkward situation, you throw yourself off the nearest cliff.
  3. You use your new fling to try to make your ex jealous. You follow your ex everywhere, making sure to flaunt your new cutie. But your ex doesn’t seem fazed by it one bit. In utter frustration, you throw yourself off a cliff.
  4. Things with your new fling started off casual, but as you spend more time together, things get more serious, and you think that it might turn into something meaningful. Then your ex tells you that he/she wants you back. You’re torn between two lovers. You ask your Crazy 8 ball if you should go back to your ex, but after it says “Ask Again” for the 10th time, you decide your situation is lose-lose and throw yourself off a cliff.
  5. Things are going great with your new fling, until he/she realizes that your relationship is just a rebound. He/she gets extremely angry at you and pushes you off a cliff.

So, in conclusion, if your rebound relationship goes just right, it can be a great thing for you. But I would recommend wearing a parachute at all times, just in case.

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