Caption Contest!! 6-13-11

Posted on June 13, 2011

Hey peeps! So here’s the deal. I’ve decided to do a caption contest. Cause they’re fun. And creative. I’ll post a picture and you can submit the caption via the private feedback box below. Then on Sunday (as in, a week from now) I’ll pick the winner. And I promise to be fair. I’ll post the winning caption and the winner will get publicly recognized (woo woo!), unless the winner asks not to be named. And perhaps I’ll give out a cool prize. However, I have not yet determined said prize or how I would get it to the person (why don’t you just give me all your bank account information and I’ll just…um…deposit some money in there! Yeah!…JOKING). Anyway, please don’t be a lazy butt and not submit something. Everyone can think up something witty and creative. And it takes like 5 seconds. So…just do it.

If this first one goes well, then I’ll continue doing a caption contest on Mondays. I’ll also add a tab on the homepage where I’ll put the link to the contest, so you can easily get to it throughout the week.

Anyway, here’s today’s photo. Have fun:


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