Here’s something to call home about…except, maybe write it in a letter

Posted on June 5, 2011


yakity yak. yakity yak yak yak. yakity yak.

If you were to ask someone what is one thing they couldn’t live without, I think the overwhelming response would be their cell phone. I mean come on, without your cell phone, you couldn’t text your best friend during class. You couldn’t play angry birds before drifting off to sleep. You couldn’t check Facebook while walking down the street. HOW WOULD WE SURVIVE?!?!

But maybe we have a better chance of surviving without our cell phones. Recent studies have shown that cell phone usage may be a cause of brain cancer. Now, it is already known that cell phones change the chemistry of the brain. But what isn’t known for sure is if this change in chemistry increases the chances of developing brain cancer. There isn’t definite proof that cell phones are completely safe, though, so they could potentially be very dangerous.

Take a look at this CNN segment with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

Anderson makes a good point – we assume cell phones are safe because they are on the market and everyone uses them. But I’m sure everyone thought that about cigarettes when they first came out, as well. Often times, it takes several decades for data to come out that shows how unsafe certain products are. And cell phones haven’t been on the market for all that long. So down the road, we may find out that cell phones do increase the chances of brain cancer.

Already, manufacturers put out a warning in cell phone handbooks to hold your cell phone about 5/8 of an inch away from your head. So even the makers think it’s a good thing to take precautionary measures. Sanjay Gupta also recommends that we use earpieces and not carry our cell phones in our pockets.

Maybe those measures would all be a waste; maybe cell phones are completely harmless. But Andy Coop said right in that segment that he was going to start using an earpiece. And let me tell you people, Coop is a man-god. If he’s taking all this seriously, then so am I. And so should you.

But really, how many of us WILL actually take those kinds of measures? I don’t think many will. We’re so attached to our cell phones that the thought of not using them as frequently or not keeping them in our pockets or using an ear piece makes us gasp and say, noooo I can’t live that way! Even if we do acknowledge that using cell phones could be a great risk, we think, but I won’t get brain cancer, not me. And we continue our normal behavior.

So what needs to happen for us to realize that we need to take precautions when it comes to cell phone use? Do we need definite data that spells out the risks? Do we need a sudden brain cancer epidemic? Do we ourselves need to develop brain cancer? It certainly shouldn’t come to that. And it won’t come to that if we just heed the warnings. These doctors on CNN who discuss the possible risk of cell phones aren’t morons who decide to spit garbage out on TV because they have nothing better to do. They know what they’re talking about. So why not take their advice? Ultimately, it may just save your life.