The funny thing about glitter, narwhals, and Justin Bieber

Posted on June 2, 2011


"...and then I peed in the pool"

What I’ve found is that laughter is one of the best medicines. When you’re feeling down or angry or stressed out, a good laugh can really help. And perhaps laughter can even help to heal physical illnesses.

An article from PsychCentral titled “The Healing Power of Laughter” talks about how laughter, humor, and taking life less seriously can benefit your overall health. The article mentions a case in which this is proven:

It is no secret that laughing is an amazing healer. Back in 1979, The New England Journal of Medicine published a report based on Norman Cousins, a noted journalist and editor of the Saturday Review. In the 1960s Cousins had been diagnosed with a debilitating spinal disease and given a 1/500 chance of survival. Based on his belief in the importance of environment on healing, Cousins checked himself out of the hospital and into a hotel, where he took large doses of vitamin C and watched continual episodes of Candid Camera and the Marx Brothers. He found, over time, that laughter stimulated chemicals in his body that allowed him several hours of pain-free sleep. He continued the treatment until, eventually, his disease went into remission, and he was able to return to work. The study became the basis for a best-selling book, Anatomy of an Illness, as well as a television movie of the same name.

That is pretty freakin cool. And it’s so simple to surround yourself with humor and to laugh. In fact, it’s as simple as continuing to read this post. Because, in the spirit of humor, I am going to conclude this post with some pretty hilarious stuff. I mentioned in my first post how Ke$ha has a great outlook on life. She certainly doesn’t take life so seriously, and if you’ve looked at interviews with her, she is pretty damn funny. So here’s a bunch of Ke$ha quotes that I have the feeling will make you laugh:

“I’m obsessed with beards. First of all, beards make you look like more of an animal. Second, I kind of like biting beards; it’s a pastime of mine. And when I make out with a dude who has a beard—who are the only kinds of dudes I make out with—then my glitter gets stuck in their beards, and then no other chick will make out with them for at least three days”

“My favorite wild animal is a narwhal—the unicorn of the sea. It’s a whale with a tooth that sticks out of its head that’s almost two-thirds the length of its entire body. As for domestic . . . can I say the jaguar? I don’t know if that’s a domestic animal, but I’d love to have a jaguar one day”

“He’s such a tiny little baby! I would’ve loved to push him around onstage in a carriage” (in reference to Justin Bieber)

(In reference to her song “Stephen”) I’ve been stalking him since I was 15. He’s this loser who wouldn’t call me. You always want what you can’t have, so I wrote a song about him. Anyway, I got a phone call from him after the record came out. I said, “You’re so vain, thinking that song was about you”

“No, no boyfriend. I mean, if I met a chubby, bearded man with glasses who didn’t mind being covered in glitter, maybe we could talk. I have yet to find such a man”

Haha, oh that Ke$ha. Certainly one of a kind. But I’m not done with the humor yet.  Below are a few funny clips from shows/movies I like. GOD, writing this post is fun!

Zoolander – funeral scene:

The Office – collection of funny moments:

Boy Meets World – collection of funny moments:

Well I hope I made you laugh. If not, here’s one last, desperate attempt: