For those days when there’s an office fire

Posted on May 26, 2011


"Save Bandit!"

If someone were to ask me to describe life in one word, I would say chaotic. It feels like there is constantly so much to do that we barely have time to breathe. We have to do our homework, go to class, go to our study group, go to this meeting, go to that meeting, study for a test, write a paper, do the dishes, do our laundry, go to this appointment, go to that appointment, do the grocery shopping, get the car fixed, go to work, and get a birthday card for your great-aunts best friend’s husband.

And then there are the really chaotic days at work when your co-worker sets a fire in order to teach everyone fire safety. And then suddenly everyone panics, thinking they are going to die, and your poor co-worker Stanley has a heart attack.

The Office clip: A Lesson on Fire

Yeah, I hate when that happens. And it’s the days when there’s an office fire that we realize how in need we are of some decent stress relief. But how on earth do we get some? Psychologist Roya Rad gives us some insight in her article: Tips for Staying Calm in a Chaotic World.

She gives 7 tips for maintaining a sense of stability in a world that seems to be moving a million miles a minute.

  • Life is about wholeness: “Life is not an ideal scenario but a real one. We can’t have a day without a night. We can’t appreciate, define and value good until we have something to counter that. Light cannot exist without shadow, so don’t be fooled by the deception of perfection”

Yes, there is a fire in the office. But just think, if there weren’t a fire then you wouldn’t know how lucky you are when the air isn’t filled with smoke…right?

  • Self-realization is more important than ever: “In this ever-demanding world, it is crucial for us to learn to self-evaluate and self-reflect on a continuous basis…Our chances of survival and the chances of living a healthy, productive and peaceful life lessen if we do not comprehended the importance of self-realization. We need to become conscious of what we really are and bring it into form”

When trying to escape the fire, remember what a brave person you are. You can get out alive. YES YOU CAN.

  • Keep the faith alive: “A logical mind is only useful when it is cooperating with a faithful heart, and a faithful heart will not be trapped in an imaginary world if it learns to work with a logical mind. One without the other can create fixation, insecurity, rigidity, illusion and confusion”

Yes, you could attempt a daring escape and try to sprint through the flames to the exit. The entire office would admire your strength and courage, and perhaps your boss would give you a raise. But you’ll probably get very badly burned. The fire department is bound to come. Let them be the heroes.

  • Learn to catch your irrational fear; don’t be a salve of your own fears: “We are entering into unfamiliar territory where there is a great deal of uncertainty. While it is natural to feel some apprehension, you have to be careful about how much is too much. Stay relaxed but vigilant at the same time. Take deep breaths, take quiet walks, listen to relaxing music, learn to love spending some time with yourself, read a good book, self-reflect, meditate, enjoy time with people who make you feel good, get help from experts, slow down and learn not to react but to respond”

No need to get so worked up. It’s just a fire. Take some deep breaths, listen to some music. The fire will go out. Better now?

  • Life seems like a roller coaster now, but there is an end: “We cannot give up in the face of adversity. If anything, we need to focus more and be hopeful”

Don’t give up – you WILL survive the fire. Tomorrow you’ll be back at work, and it will probably be like nothing even happened.

  • Having well-defined but flexible boundaries is vital: “If you have a natural ability to give a lot of yourself, like many of us do, you have to learn ways to have boundaries. Self-protection is important for having a healthy and productive life”

Your co-worker may want you to save her cat, like Angela wanted Oscar to. But I’m telling you, learn to just say no. Save yourself instead.

  • Learn to connect and respect your heart and mind: “There is an unbelievable sense of totality within you — a pure heart that may need some cleaning and a logical mind that may need some filtration. If you start the curative process and find a way to build a bridge between these two, you are on your way to your true self rather than a false one and can then find a state of calmness even in a hectic world”

It’s too bad that Stanley hadn’t read this article before the office fire, huh? Well now you have, and (in all seriousness) take it to heart. They truly are good tips and can help you de-stress when things get chaotic. If anything, you must feel a whole lot better now that you know how to deal the next time someone starts a fire in the office.