Keep on dancing till the world ends

Posted on May 21, 2011


"Well this sucks. Anyone know where I can find a liquor store?"

The day is finally here. Yes, Judgment Day. Believers will relocate to Heaven. Sinners will suffer destruction and lava and Justin Bieber songs on repeat (but really we’ll just party…shhhh!). I’m sure this is incredibly depressing for all of you, so I’ll keep today’s post a little more lighthearted. And really, what’s the point of posting something serious, like growing up, when we’re all gonna die soon?

Anyway, here’s an article from Time about things to do before the end of the world:,8599,2072767,00.html. It’s pretty entertaining, so I recommend taking the time to read it…unless you have an end of the world party to get to.

The author listed things that her readers told her they’d do on their last day on earth. Some of them:

I would go to a really fancy museum and touch everything

Feel the emotions of exposing myself on public transportation

Well, I’d definitely stop folding laundry

Interesting, very interesting. I decided to come up with my own list. Here it is:

Go to a Red Sox game, go streaking across the field, and wink at Jonathan Papelbon

Go to Starbucks and buy as much coffee as my money will allow (in case there are zombies, I need a lot of energy to run away)

Eat a worm …..actually, god no….

Finally go on a rollercoaster….as long as it doesn’t go too high….or too fast….and it can’t go upside down….and seeing as I’m a mere 5 feet tall, I absolutely must meet the height requirement. HAHA just kidding. Bring it on, scary rollercoaster

Listen to that Britney Spears song “Till the World Ends“….and take notes (okay #1: come up with a synchronized dance….underground)

Alright, now on a more serious note…while all this is a joke, we never really know when our last day on earth is. It could be 50 years from now, or tomorrow. Obviously my list above is for sh*ts and giggles, but we truly should live each day to the fullest (as cliche as that is…). Don’t wait to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Tell the people that you love exactly how you feel about them. NEVER be afraid to be yourself, because you only live once, and the world should know exactly who you are.

Well, everyone, enjoy the rest of your last day on earth. Off to go make Jonathan Papelbon wish he weren’t married….